My Singing Heart

I love blogs. I love things. I love quirks.

Seeing pictures of others living life, seeing pictures of people's passions, seeing pictures of the simply beautiful; seeing pictures of LIFE. Pictures that cause my heart to respond.

This blog is my second blog to - - and will be a continuation of what is me. There I write and post what's happening with me and in me. But here I'm going to post things that makes my heart smile. As cheesy as I can possibly be - it's things that make my heart sing.



The raising of hands is the universal sign of surrender. At first when I saw people in church lifting their hands I thought they were weird. I’d ask myself “What’s going on? Why are they doing this? These people are crazy.” But then I realized why. It’s for a God they’re reaching out to. Someone they love. A Father to the fatherless. The One who saves. The God of ages. It’s breathtaking. To see tears, arms open wide, hands reaching for something they do not see. Faith expressing itself. There’s nothing religious about a love so great. They are people in love. They are people who are thankful. They are people who want more of Him, seeking Him. These are people praising Him, surrendering their lives to someone who deserves it.

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